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Flightwaves Meditation

The Brainwave Entrainment Program

"A Meditation experience like no other...
from Bob Doyle, featured teacher in The Secret"

What Is The Flightwaves Meditation?

Hello! My name is Bob Doyle, and I've been teaching people the principles of creating lives they absolutely love for over a decade. And one of the components of doing that, is integrating meditation into your routine.

These days, it's clear that meditation is beneficial on many levels. It lowers stress, helps you to relax, and has been shown to have numerous other beneficial effects both psychological and physical.

Very often our brains are just too noisy, and even a guided meditation is challenging to get through because our minds just won't calm down enough to achieve the alpha or theta brainwave patterns associated with the meditative state.

That's where brainwave synchronization technology comes into play.

Now of course, this is not new science. Brainwave synchronization tools (or "entrainment") tools have been around a really long time now, and you can find them literally all over the web.

So what's so special about "Flightwaves?"

Why Choose Flightwaves?

It Is Different To Other Programs

Flightwaves approaches the entrainment process a little differently than nearly every other program out there.

First, instead of the "tones" you may be familiar with if you've tried other programs, we use a soothing white noise to invoke the movement from your normal "Beta" brainwave state into any of several combinations of alpha, theta, and even delta brainwave patterns. Along with the gentle "whooshing" sounds which actually do the work, we've created a unique musical soundtrack which can't really be classified as the more traditional "new age" music you hear in most other programs, if they use music.

When we first created Flightwaves back in 1998, we used EEG equipment to measure the effectiveness of the audio - to be absolutely SURE that we were getting the results we wanted... and we were actually using the technology on the CD when we wrote the music, watching the results in real time.

It Was Designed Specifically For Visualization

The music in Flightwaves was written specifically to evoke visualization to stimulate the imagination. You really have to hear it to know what I mean, but once it starts, you know you're listening to something very different!

This program was designed specifically for the purpose of helping you visualize your way into energetic alignment with what you want. You can use it for other purposes (general relaxation, etc.) but using it as a "Law Of Attraction" aid was really why it was designed!

It Is Much More Affordable

The other huge difference with Flightwaves is the price... Shop around for other brainwave entrainment programs and you'll see what I mean. We're WAY less expensive. It's hard to even compare the investment. Seriously. Check it out for yourself and you'll see.

Flightwaves is composed of three different audio tracks:

Theta / Delta - Create Your Reality (27 minutes)

This track is my personal favorite simply because I like to go a little deeper, and I find that it most notably affects the visualization process for me.

Alpha / Theta - Expanded Awareness (30 minutes)

This brings you into the more "traditional" meditative state associated with the alpha brainwave pattern (Some of my favorite music in the whole program is on this track!)

Alpha / Delta / Beta / Theta - Audio Hallucinations (14 minutes)

This track began as an experiment to see what would happen if we just really mixed it up! What occurred was what we call "audio hallucinations." It's kind of a wild ride!

So What Are You Waiting For?

You can download all three tracks of the Flightwaves programs in a high-quality MP3 format for just $9.99 right now!

These tracks (like all of our audio programs) are PERFECT for loading onto your portable audio device (though the Flightwaves technology is obviously not suggested for when you're driving or otherwise being active!) so you can listen anywhere (I always have it on my mobile device...)

Flightwaves truly is a unique listening experience, and people love it. It invokes a highly creative experience, and just FEELS GOOD!

You'll love it!

To your greatest abundance,

Bob Doyle

Law of Attraction teacher and featured expert teacher in "The Secret" movie

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